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Coaching aim is to help a person in her becoming aware of her own strong points as well as her weak points and try to encourage her in finding the best solutions. This book provides a practical approach and examples about real experiences through which it analyzes the main themes in connection with this important tool for a professional development:

  • Coaching basic elements.

  • How to gain self awareness.

  • How to transform people’s potential energy into performance.

  • Coach’s role and leadership style.

  • Group coaching.

  • Peculiarities of a good coach.

    Author: the book is by  Alberto Fischetti with the cooperation of Cesare Sansavini, Margherita Bertoldi, Claudia Alderighi, Eleonora Paparo, Alessandro Sansavini e Elena Faccio, who are all Change training and HR management areas senior consultants.


  • Publishing Company: Alpha Test
  • Author: Alberto Fischetti

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