Public Speaking - new edition with cd

Public Speaking - new edition with cd

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The book is an analysis of all topics that are of interest for those who are willing to improve their public speaking skills. The topics are often supported by practical examples about the author’s real experiences and are organized on the basis of the 3 main “pillars” of public speaking: communicative techniques, communicative strategies and interaction with the audience. The text also provides both the analysis and all relevant suggestions about specific areas as the conference, the didactics and the business presentation.


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Author: Cesare Sansavini, charter member and president of Change S.P.A, major business training and consulting Company. Cesare is a highly experienced professional in business management and works as a marketing and commercial consultant.


  • Publishing Company: Alpha Test
  • Author: Cesare Sansavini
  • Cover Price: € 16,50

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