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Human resources are considered the most important part of any kind of organization and their management is therefore extremely important.
Authors: Claudia Alderighi, Silvia Bartolini, Francesco Caiani, Antonella Cecconi, Alberto Fischetti, Ermanno Forni, Cesare Sansavini.
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The book is dedicated both to those who are responsible for Human Resources in their company, and to those who are in charge of coordinating the work of other people
All processes outlined in the text involve several areas: from personnel selection to performance evaluation, from coaching to the evaluation of resources, from organization to training, from expertise analysis to communication. For every process, a specific course is defined in terms of objectives and features, of applicable tools and achievable quantifiable results, simplifying the theoretical explanation  through numerous practical examples from real-life experiences. 


  • Publishing Company: Alpha Test
  • Author: Cecconi A, Caiani F., Bartolini S., Alderighi C., Forni E., Sansavini C.
  • Cover Price: € 14,00

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