7 steps to success

7 steps to success

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This book explains the operative marketing principles through 7 chapters rich in examples and practical tips to be successful in the market. The text diverges from many other marketing books since it provides the reader with clear and practical solutions aiming to meet his needs. Starting from the analysis, the evaluation and the quantification of the achieved results, it is possible to apply an effective diversification strategy that would lead you to success in your reference market.

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Authors: Arianna Bini, Paolo Fiorini e Marco Magrini have a multi-year experience in analysis and research activities on the relationships between the consumers and the market. Nowadays they cooperate with Change S.p.A as trainers and consultants in the marketing and commercial area


  • Publishing Company: Alpha Test
  • Author: Bini A, Fiorini P, Magrini M
  • Cover Price: € 12,90

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