How to understand a balance sheet

How to understand a balance sheet

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Being able to understand a balance sheet is an essential skill that turns out to be fundamental even to non-administrative roles. Understanding the financial situation of your company as well as its economical trend, enables you to control it identifying its main evolutions on time. The ability to understand a balance sheet also involves a continuous analysis of the commitment to reliability of your clients and suppliers. The book, with its practical and concrete approach, is an effective guide both for expert professionals in the administration field and for less expert people, since it provides them with an analysis-methodology that matches a fast and simple survey and effective and reliable results.

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Simone Sansavini, accountant and auditor, gained a multi-year consulting experience in the economical-financial area, working both for national and international companies. Nowadays is the Change S.p.A senior trainer and consultant in the administrative, financial and management area.


  • Publishing Company: Alpha Test
  • Author: Simone Sansavini
  • Cover Price: € 14,50

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